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These project files have garnered support from Patrick Topping, Boris Brejcha, Duke Dumont and many other A-List DJs and producers. They span Techno, Tech House, Progressive House, Melodic Techno, Deep House, Slap House, Future Rave and more, using only the stock plugins from Ableton Live. All samples and presets included, too, as well as the tutorials for each project. All are royalty free, so you can use them to build and release your own tracks.

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Examples of some of the projects included in this pack...



Slap House:

Tech House:

High-Tech Minimal:

Deep House:

Minimal Tech:


Melodic House:

House (Camelphat):

Modern Deep House:

Future Rave:

What People Are Saying

This course is so awesome, it really covers everything I need to know about mixing, I went through all the videos at once, it's so interesting...I could not stop! The information and tips are really lifts the curtain. Thank you so much, and well done. You Rock!!

Eugenio Martinez


Just wanted to say AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! I've been producing on and off for years, and the thought of learning music theory bored me to death. This course quickly taught me some bang-on fundamentals, and my productions make so much more sense now. My passion is re-ignited. Thanks, man!

Tom Williams

Southampton, uk

Just what I needed! The combination of graded topics from complete beginner to arranging complete songs using step-by step guides and video has inspired me to complete a number of 'stuck' projects and start work on new stuff with renewed confidence. Your enthusiasm and willingness to respond personally to student queries was especially appreciated. Thanks again and looking forward to your mixing course!



More Reviews

Since I started this course I've noticed a clear improvement in my mixes, especially in clarity and loudness. It’s made me realise that the core principles to obtain really good results are much easier than I use to believe!

Emanuele Milozzi


Everything that I needed to know in a well-developed course with short, informative and engaging videos. It’s taken my skills to a whole other level! I use FL Studio 12 and have been able to follow along every step of the way. If you're looking for an introductory into the full explanation of mixing, look no further.

Anthony Hagans


Absolutely Brilliant! Crystal clear, to the point, with absolute zero fluff. I had never been moved by any of my own original music until I finished this course. Do yourself a favour. Don’t buy that expensive synth, or expensive plug-ins promising "Better" sound. Spend that money on this course! Having great tools is useless if you don’t know how use them properly.

Alberto Hilsaca


Worth every penny. I wish this existed when I started out. If you want to take your mixdowns to the next level in the shortest amount of time possible, look no further. Absolutely recommended.

David Stephens


My mixes have quickly improved and are sounding much louder and a lot less muddy. The diagram and explanations concerning the concept of the 4D mixing space are worth the price of the course alone. Awesome job and I will definitely be recommending this course to my fellow music producers!

Dan Roy


I am grateful to have come across EDM Tips on the internet. I have never experienced a course that has it all; A solid framework, relative music theory lessons to EDM, and instructions to build habits that will give you the skills to make music like your favorite producers

Jorge Leon


I tried to produce for at least a year without success, but your course has helped me very much! I just wanted to say thank you...I made my first track and it's all thanks to you!

Danny Zarfati

Jerusalem, Israel

This course has been nothing short of amazing! The lessons have really helped to clarify the tools you need to create a great mix every time. And now I have the knowledge that when I hear something's not quite right in the mix, I know where to go to fix it and how to do it the proper way to ensure clarity and substance prevail. Great course! Highly recommend! And the class support is excellent as well. Thanks, Will! Cheers!

Paul Minnich


This course provided me invaluable lessons on the key aspects of putting together a song. It gave me actionable techniques to improve my drum programming, melody / harmony writing, and chord progression construction - and most importantly, it taught me how to put them all together to make an interesting idea and turn it into a full song!

Sam Erickson


Well explained with practical examples, so that the lessons can be put into practice quickly. I like your courses very much! Everything is explained calmly and factually, I can understand your English well, and it even has a pinch of humour in it ;-) Thanks Will!

Marc Rauber


Well worth the money! Having joined a number of courses already, it looks like this is the one getting me started for real. If you’re looking for an EDM course (that ISN’T just a guy showing what he can do himself), look no further. Will takes you through in a great and intuitive way, and the short videos (but plenty of them) got me started right away. I also enjoy the fact that Will adds more content all the time, and actually answers your questions!

Bjarne Maschoreck


I can’t recommend the EDMTips accelerator program highly enough. I completed the course a couple of years ago now and it was a total game changer for me. I’d taken other music production courses but none which gave me the skills and confidence needed to make music which can now stand up against some of the best in my genre (melodic/progressive house).

Richard Ball


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