How to Make RAVE Like THE PRODIGY - Ableton Tutorial

How to Make RAVE (Like The PRODIGY) – FREE Ableton Project & Samples!


Learn how to make RAVE (in the style of The Prodigy’s classic track “No Good”) in this Ableton Live Rave tutorial.

If you’ve ever wondered how to make Old Skool Rave music like The Prodigy, this step-by-step tutorial will give you an insight into how to achieve similar results.

This isn’t only a tutorial on how to make Rave in Ableton Live, though…you can use the same methods in FL Studio or Logic X, to produce your own r music in the style of The Prodigy.

Let’s do this!…

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The Prodigy are one of the most well known and pioneering rave groups in history – and the band that first got me into electronic dance music back in the early 90s!

No Good” is one of their best-selling tracks from their superb second album” Music for the Jilted Generation”.

I’ve had such a lot of requests for this tutorial and I hope you enjoy it.

In this tutorial we go in-depth into:

  1. Setting up the project
  2. Working with samples
  3. (TRYING!) to create an organ patch
  4. Finding beats using Loopcloud
  5. Working on the bass line
  6. Processing the drums
  7. Creating tonal percussion
  8. Arrangement
  9. Sound design
  10. Creating strings
  11. Break bass
  12. Further processing
  13. Tweaks

Let me know if you enjoy this tutorial in the comments below! 🙂


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