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Top 10 Stereo Widening Tips


We all want wide, clear, punchy mixes. Here are my top 10 ways for achieving super-wide stereo width in an easy to understand, step-by-step tutorial.

Stereo width is super-important when it comes to a pro-sounding mix, and there are a few tools at our disposal. This video goes through my ten favourite techniques, and how to use them. In this video, we cover…

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Top 10 Stereo Width Techniques:

1. Auto-panning

Using auto-panners. SoundToys PanMan is awesome.

2. Reverb

Standard. However, aux reverb is generally best as many elements can “sit” in the same 3d space.

3. Delay

Same as above. Aux…100% wet) Ping pong is nice, or a simple delay with a stereo widening plugin afterwards.

4. The Haas Effect

Duplicate a signal, delay by a few milliseconds (up to about 24), then pan the original left and the delayed signal right. Always check in mono as can easily throw up some weird effects and phase issues.

5. Sound Design

Most control….do it from the oscillator stage in your synth. I prefer crafting the waves individually instead of detune as that can cause phase issues.

6. Parallel Processing

Send a copy of the signal to a parallel channel and process different from the dry. Then you can pan each signal independently.

7. Mid-side Processing

EQ or compress the sides differently from the centre.

8. Chorus, Phase and Flange FX

Can make stuff nice and wide but colours the sound, so make sure you want that effect. As usual, check in mono.

9. Stereo Imaging Plugins

Some really good ones nowadays that seem to wipe out a lot of the phase issues that they used to cause. Ozone Imager multiband is awesome as you can keep the bass mono and spread out the upper frequencies. Here is a link to the free (non-multiband) version.

10. Double-tracking

Great for live takes of vocals and / or guitars / acoustic instruments. Just record more than once and pan the different takes accordingly.

And there you have it! The video is below:

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