Black Friday and Cyber Monday Audio Plugin Deals 2022 - EDM Tips

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Audio Plugin Deals 2022


Welcome to your ultimate guide for Black Friday and Cyber Monday audio plugin deals in 2022 (now including best DAW deals, too)!

If you are a music producer, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is often the time when there are the best deals on premium and 3rd party plugins, software, samples and presets.

However, you can click here if you want me to keep you posted (without having to remember to come back to this page). I’ll send you an email as and when new deals come onto my radar.

If you’ve found one that I haven’t included, please share it in the comments section so we can all benefit. 🙂

Best Audio Plugins Discounts & Deals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2022:

Early Black Friday Deals on Plugin Boutique – Up to 81% Off
!Get one from a selsection of six products for free with any purchase from Plugin Boutique during November.
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Sound Generating Plugins:

Soundtoys – Up to 77% Off

Native Instruments – Up to 75% Off

Arturia – 50% Off

iZotope – Up to 75% Off

  • Ozone 10 (Up to 40% Off: 20% Off Standard and 40% Off Advanced)
  • Neoverb (74% Off)

Output – Up to 35% Off

Reveal Sound (Spire) – 48% Off

Fabfilter – Up to 26% Off

SugarBytes – Up to 58% Off

Effects Plugins:

Waves – Up to 80% Off
plus FREE Plugin if you use this link!

Sonnox –  Up to 75% Off 

Cableguys ShaperBox 3 (Only 89$/€89) 

Black Rooster – Each Plugin $29 and each bundle is $99
use this code EDMTIPS5  for an extra 5% off any purchase

Baby Audio – Up to 50%

Polyverse – Up to 50% Off

SoundTheory Gullfoss – Over 40% Off

u-He Diva – 10% Off (only if bought with Lo-Fi presets, unfortunately)

Softube – Up to 76% Off

AntaresTech – Up to 75% Off 

Rocket Powered Sound – Up to 60% Off

Lennar Digital (Sylenth) – 25% Off
use code BLFR2022

Martinic – Up to 60% Off

Celemony (Melodyne) – 50% Off

Mixed in Key – 50% Off 

YouLean Meter – 38% Off

Sonic Academy – Up to 70% Off

REFX (Nexus 4) -Up to 50% Off

Oeksound (Soothe 2) – Over 30% Off

TAL – Up to 40% Off

Samples & Presets

Black Octopus Audio – Up to 60% Off

Loopcloud – 2 months of Loopcloud for $2, PLUS a free copy of SubLab with every subscription or trial undertaken.

Loopcloud black Friday Deal 2022

SoundGym – 30% Off

F9 Audio – Up to 40% Off

Karanyi Sounds – Up to 70% Off

BVKR – 80% Off

Sonic Sounds – Up to 40% Off

Feel Your Sound – Up to 31% Off

A Sound Effect – Up to 81% Off 

Digital Audio Workstations (DAW):

FL Studio – 25% off

Ableton Live Suite – 20% Off

Ableton Live Standard – 20% Off

Reason – Up to 50% Off

Studio One – 25% Off

Bitwig – Up to 27% Off


Sonarworks – Up to 60% Off

Korg – Up to 50% Off

Beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro – 20% Off

AIAIAI Audio – Up to 30% Off

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X – 20% Off

Universal Audio Apollo Twin X – Over 30% Off

Presonus – Up to 52% Off


As I said, I’ll keep updating this page over the next couple of days, and if you want to be kept in the loop by email, drop it in below:

Enjoy! 😎

Let me know in the comments which plugins and software you’d MOST like to see discounted for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2023!


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