13 Sound Design Techniques to Develop Your Signature Sound!

13 Sound Design Techniques to Develop Your Signature Sound!


Developing your signature sound is the coveted holy grail that all producers strive for – and that’s what I’m going to show you how to develop in this sound design tutorial!

Your signature sound is actually a combination of several elements – from vibe, composition, and sound design. It develops over time, so the more tracks you write – the faster you’ll find your signature sound.

It usually ends up being a combination of music from your past (childhood and formative years), what’s coming in the future of your chosen genre, and stumbling upon happy accidents through experimentation.

Hopefully these get the creative cogs whirring – Play around with these techniques, have fun and experiment!

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Number 8 is a personal favourite of mine – and I always sneak this into my tracks…

Enjoy, and let me know which sound design tips you’re going to try in the comments below!


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