7 Reverb Mixing Tips Every Music Producer Must Know

7 Reverb Tips Every Producer Must Know


Learn how to use reverb like a pro with these 7 reverb tips every producer should know.

Reverb is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal as a music producer, so try applying these 7 pro reverb tips to your own music and hear the difference.

These reverb techniques work in ANY DAW – Ableton, Logic, FL Studio – for ANY genre and with ANY reverb plugins – free or premium.

In this tutorial we go in-depth into these reverb mixing tips:

1. Reverse Reverb

00:25 – Reverse Reverb
This reverb tips is perfect for introducing a vocal. Add reverb to just the first syllable, sample it, then reverse it, so it leads smoothly into the vocal.

2. Reverb Washout

03:36 – Reverb Washout
Automate the dry/wet knob over an element in a build-up, so that it takes power out just before the drop, to add contrast.

3. Reverb Pad

04:56 – Reverb Pad
A great way to add an atmospheric pad whilst tying it tonally to the rest of the track. Add 100% huge reverb to a sound and sample it.

4. Aux Reverb

07:20 – Aux Reverb
This will make all the difference to your mixes. Start using reverb on auxiliary channels so you can EQ and compress them independently from the dry signal.

5. Room Reverb

08:25 – Room Reverb
A short, tight reverb on the aux channel means you can feed many elements into it, creating a cohesive mix.

6. Incidental Reverb

09:28 – Incidental Reverb
Automate a big reverb on a snare at the end of a bar to create more interest in your track.

7. Sidechain Reverb from Dry

11:01 – Sidechain Reverb from Dry
Perfect for vocals. Using the aux channel, gently sidechain compress the vocal reverb against the dry vocal, so it creates space for the vocal to cut through the reverb.

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