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How to Make Electronic Pop (Like Röyksopp) – FREE Ableton Project & Samples!


Learn how to make Electronic Pop (in the style of Röyksopp) in this Ableton Live House Music tutorial.

In this electro pop tutorial we dive into some of the secret techniques of Norwegian electronic artists “Röyksopp”, going into composition, sound design, mixing and much, much more! You can also download the project file completely free.

If you’ve ever wondered how to make electronic music like Röyksopp, this music production tutorial will give you an insight into how to achieve similar results.

This isn’t only a tutorial on how to make electronic music in Ableton Live, though…you can use the same methods in FL Studio or Logic X, to produce your own music in the style of Röyksopp and other electronic pop artists.

Let’s do this!…

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Electro Pop Chapters & Timestamps

In this tutorial we go in-depth into:

  1. 01:19 – Vibe
  2. 01:35 – Drums
  3. 07:50 – Drum Processing
  4. 09:40 – Chord Progression
  5. 14:38 – Synth Riff (Distorted Synth)
  6. 20:28 – Vocals
  7. 23:47 – Synth Stabs
  8. 28:27 – Vocoder
  9. 30:25 – Arrangement

Röyksopp are a Norwegian electronic music duo formed in 1998. After experimenting with different genres of electronic music, the band solidified their place in the electronica scene with their 2001 debut album, Melody A.M. – a fantastic album and definitely worth listening to if you haven’t already.

Röyksopp studio electro pop

They have consistently experimented with various genres, blending both electronica and acoustic instruments. Stylistically, the band makes use of various genres, including ambient, house music and synth-pop. The band is also known for its elaborate concert performances, which often feature eccentric outfits.

Since their 1998 debut, the duo has gained critical acclaim and popular success around the world. To date, Röyksopp has been nominated for two Grammy Awards, won seven Spellemannprisen awards, performed worldwide tours, and produced albums that have topped the charts in several countries, including four consecutive number-one albums in their native country.

I hope you enjoy this Röyksopp tutorial, and if you have any technical questions, just drop them below and I’ll see if I can help 🙂


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