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Panning & Stereo Width


Panning is a simple – but important – part of music production. Spending a couple of minutes understanding how to do it (properly) will make your productions shine.

Watch the video below to get the most out of your panning and stereo width…

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In this panning & stereo width tutorial, we cover:

1. Visualising your music as being played on a stage in front of you – that can be a great way to figure out where elements could be panned to sound good.

2. Panning by priority – e.g. Your kick drum and low bass will be straight down the middle, and probably your lead vocal.

3. How to regularly check in stereo and mono.

4. Panning / Stereo width of bass frequencies (and why).

5. Using plugins to help with stereo width. For 10 ways to achieve insane stereo width, check out this post.

(You can download the free version of the Ozone imager here:

6. Autopanning.

7. When in the production process to add panning and stereo width.

8. Stereo width using reverb.

9. LCR Panning.

10. Summary – a quick recap of what to consider.

Leave a comment below, let me know what you think or if there’s anything you want me to cover in a future vid 😀

Until next time, cheers and happy producing! 😎


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