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10 Easy Steps to Make Your Mix Louder


Learn how to get loud mixes in any DAW with this step-by-step guide…

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So why is getting a loud mix and master important?

Getting a loud mix is important despite the fact that streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music attenuate the volume to make playback between various songs more similar.

This is because, if your song or track is getting played out in a venue, and the DJ plays your (quieter) track after a louder one, the energy on the dance floor can drop.

When I started producing this happened to me when I’d play my own music out as a DJ. Not good!

But, obviously you want to get it loud WITHOUT crushing the dynamic range out of your mix, and you can only go up as far as 0dB peak.

So, we need to increase the AVERAGE volume. It’s just the PERCEIVED LOUDNESS we’re after – not higher peaks of volume.

(Even if you are just producing for streaming services, these techniques are still good practice as they’ll help you achieve a cleaner overall production!)

In this video, I show you 10 steps to getting a louder mix and final master. It start early on in the production process!

NOTE: I recommend watching this video with at least a semi-decent set of monitors or headphones so you can hear all the small differences that we’re making throughout the tutorial.

Ok, here are the points covered in today’s video:

– Sound Design:

1. Layering

2. Audio editing (editing transients / shifting audio)

– Mixing:

3. Saturation & harmonic excitement

4. EQ out unnecessary low end. Be wary of taking it out of everything, otherwise you can end up with a tinny mix.

5. Reductive Surgical EQ.

6. Reverb (another kind of layering).

7. Compression.

8. Parallel Compression.

– Mastering:

9. Limiting.

10. Referencing & Metering (LUFS)

There you have it! You are now armed to the teeth with loudness weapons. Use them carefully and wisely 🙂

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Are you going to give any of these techniques a try? Let me know what results you get in the comments below! 😎


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