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Best 10 VST Plugins for 2020


In this article I’m going to share with you my top 10 VST plugins I recommend for producers in 2020.

Stock plugins are awesome – I love them – and in my opinion you can get about 90% of the way to truly pro sound with them. However, using a few choice premium plugins can take you that last 10%. 

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Here are my top 10 VST plugins for 2020 – both free and premium – and WHY I think you should get them!

Caveat 1: Don’t think a good plugin is going to make bad music sound good. It’s not. Seriously…It’s not! These plugins can help take well composed, well produced music up to that next level.

Caveat 2: These are the VST audio plugins that I personally use. They are not the only options, and plugin choice – all else being equal – comes down to how well you like the user interface and how well you get to know it.

View them as an investment – not an expense. Whats more…You can download free demos for most of these, so try them out first and see what you like: 

My Top 10 VST Plugins for 2020:

  1. A premium Synth, like Serum or Sylenth1:

    There are others, of course…these are just two I use a lot. Why? Fun, fast and lots of presets available. Unique routing and modulation options. If you’re still hung about about the ethics of using presets as a starting point, get over it. A rompler like Nexus is also good (although I’ve never used it so can’t really speak from experience on that).




  2. Oxford Inflator (50% Off):


  3. Bark of Dog:

    Bark of Dog:

  4. Fabfilter Pro Q3:

    FabFilter Pro Q3:
    Here’s a review by Alex Consordini:

  5. A decent limiter:

    If you get none of the others – if you really want to get your music up to commercial loudness and plan to do your own mastering – this is a key plugin to invest in. The FabFilter Pro-L2 and Sonnox Limiter are great.
    FabFilter Pro-L2:

    Sonnox Limiter:

  6. Valhalla Reverb:

    Valhalla Reverb:

  7. iZotope Ozone 9:

    Ozone 9:

  8. A decent saturator:

    Everyone needs one of these. There are some great ones out there. My favourite two that make it onto every track are Soundtoys Decapitator and House of Kush Omega.
    SoundToys Decapitator:

    Omega N:

  9. LFO Tool:

    LFO Tool:

  10. YouLean Loudness Meter (FREE):


For tips on mixing with plugins in 2020, click here.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any recommendations for awesome VST audio plugins for 2020! 👇


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