How to Make House Music (Like Purple Disco Machine) – FREE Ableton Project

House Music Ableton Tutorial (FREE Project and Samples Download)


Learn how to make House Music (in the style of Purple Disco Machine) in this House Music tutorial.

In this step-by-step House Music production tutorial, I ONLY use the stock plugins that come with Ableton Live 10, and you can download it for free and play ’til your little heart’s content – breaking apart my methods and using them yourself.

(Grab the Ableton Live project file here:

If you’ve ever wondered how to make music like Purple Disco Machine or other House Music artists, this will give you an insight into how to achieve similar results.

International DJ, producer and remixer Tino Piontek aka Purple Disco Machine has been on a whirlwind of a musical journey since the 2009 conception of his highly successful disco house music project.

The Dresden-born artist has racked up numerous achievements, although it was his 2013 breakthrough hit ‘My House’, on OFF Recordings, that really propelled Purple Disco Machine into new heights; landing the #1 spot within Beatport’s deep house chart and, at its peak, #3 overall. The track remains one of Beatport’s best ever sellers and Purple Disco Machine now ranks #2 in the online retailer’s all-time Top 100 Artists chart.

After that initial success, the German producer continued to recreate his previous chart domination with a series of original tracks including; his collaborations with Boris Dlugosch on Defected, ‘L.O.V.E.’ and ‘Set It Out’, his collaborations with Aeroplane on Spinnin’ Deep, ‘Sambal’ and ‘Counting On Me’ featuring Aloe Blacc, plus his incredible double Pete Tong Essential New Tunes, ‘Yo’ on Kittball and the unforgettable ‘Magic’ on Exploited.

This isn’t only a tutorial on how to make House Music in Ableton Live, though…you can use the same methods in FL Studio or Logic X, to produce your own House Music in the style of Purple Disco Machine.

This tutorial will go through all the steps, including…

  1. Vibe and tempo
  2. Kick and bass
  3. Chord progression
  4. Percussion
  5. Funky guitar
  6. Horn stab
  7. Vocals
  8. Mixing

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