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How to Get a FAT Bottom End in Your Mix


Are you tired of weak, thin or muddy bass? Looking to get a powerful, fat bottom end in your mix (without the muddiness)? Here are my 4 best tips for mixing your low end…

There are few things as important as a solid low end in Electronic Dance Music. We want to make music that rocks the dance floor or shakes the stage, and the low end is the foundation of all dance music.

If your kick and bass are not working well together, it will be an uphill struggle trying to make your track awesome. In fact, you’ll never manage it UNLESS your low end is working.

In the video below, I walk you through the four techniques I use for taking control of the low end, and getting it nice and fat without making it cluttered or muddy.

The video covers these 4 main points:

1. Tuning your kick to the root note of your track.
2. Fattening and widening the bass (without killing the power).
3. Carving the EQ (this app can help you indentify which frequencies are which).
4. Buss processing.

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These techniques work really well for any genre of dance music. Let me know what you think in the comments below, or if you have any low end mixing tips. You can also download my FREE 30 Mixing Tips cheat sheet below the video:

If you want to balance your kick and bass perfectly, click here.


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