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Modes in EDM (and how to use them)


Spice up your music using the 7 different modes!

Using different “modes” can help your track really stand out from the generic scales used in most modern music. The video below explains what the different modes are and how to use them in your Digital Audio Workstation…

Also listed below are the intervals for each of the modes. If you don’t know what intervals are, check out this post to get up to speed.

(T stands for “tone”, S stands for “semitone”. Also sometimes referred to as a “step” and “half-step”)

Ionian (Major): T T S T T T S

Dorian: T S T T T S T

Phrygian: S T T T S T T

Lydian: T T T S T T S

Mixolydian: T T S T T S T

Aeolian (Minor Natural): T S T T S T T

Locrian: S T T S T T T

Hope you find it useful! Have you got any questions about using modes in your music? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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