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5 best bass patterns

5 Bass Patterns Every Music Producer NEEDS to Know!

These 5 bass patterns can be used in ANY genre of modern music – from house, techno and trance, to trap, drum & bass and even pop music!

Most people think music production is more complicated than it actually is, but when you understand a few key ingredients – and how to combine them properly – you can create original sounding tracks from scratch.

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you the 5 bass patterns that every music producer NEEDS to know…

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Why Music Producers Make The Best DJs

Why Music Producers Make The Best DJs

If you’re a music producer and want to get started in DJing then we’ve got some great tips and advice for you to get started. To be fair, being a music producer already provides a lot of essential skills and building blocks to get started in DJing, such as song structure and phrase matching. Let’s get stuck into the top tips and advice to help you get started in DJing.

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EDM Song Structure - Starging with a Drop 5

EDM Song Structure: Arrange Your Loop into a Full Song

So you’ve created a killer 8-bar loop and want to take your great idea to a full song, but don’t know where to go from here? We’ve all been there before!

The good news is that you don’t need to feel disheartened: this is a super common problem that happens to all music producers, and thankfully there are some very straightforward steps you can take to get out of the loop and to a finished arrangement….

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How to Make Slap House (like DYNORO & IMANBEK) (FREE Project and Samples Download)

Learn how to make Slap House Music in the style of Dynoro and Imanbek in this Ableton Live tutorial.

In this slap house music production tutorial, I show you how to create slap house music in the style of Dynoro – from scratch – using only Serum and the stock plugins that come with Ableton Live 10 Suite. You can also download the presets, project file and all the samples completely free.

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