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Popular EDM Sounds (Every Producer NEEDS to Know These!)

These are the most common EDM instruments and sounds from across the decades! Sound selection and sound design is one of the key parts of electronic music production – and knowing some great sounds to use in your own electronic music will save you years of guesswork.

I’ve put together a list of the most common EDM instruments and sounds from the last 40 years – that are still used in modern tracks today – that you can use in your own music.

I’ve also included examples of existing music where these sounds are used, so you can hear them in context.

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How to Start a Song and Beat the Writers Block

Start a Song With These 11 Easy-to-Follow Hacks (How to SMASH Writer’s Block For Good)

Starting a song (or track) can be very intimidating – especially if you’re not feeling inspired. Do you ever struggle to come up with original ideas for your music? Maybe you find a blank DAW project COMPLETELY INTIMIDATING! I know I used to. 

Recently we covered strategies for finishing your music and today, I’m going to share with you 11 song-starting hacks I’ve developed to enable you to start a song and come up with song ideas at any time without even needing to be inspired.

It’s a skill unto itself – and super-important if you rely on music production for your living – or even if you just want to become really good at production for pleasure’s sake!

Just follow these 11 steps and you’ll soon get into the swing of things…

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Finish Your Music

Recently I published a video on our YouTube channel where I explained some of the techniques I regularly use to finish my music. 

That video started an engaging online discussion with other music producers worldwide on the challenges and struggles we all face when trying to finalise our tracks. The discussions and interest in the topic encouraged me to write this article and further expand the theme examined in the YouTube video.

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8 Reasons Your Mixes Sound Thin and Muddy (and How to Fix Them)

Muddy mixes are the bane of any producer. You might have created a great track – with great composition and sound selection – and balanced the levels perfectly – but your mix still sounds unclear and the elements don’t pop and shine like your favourite reference tracks.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you why that might be – and the exact steps you can take to instantly fix your muddy mix…

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